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Video Game Console Repair

Fast, friendly service in Tucson, Arizona that is accurate and affordable. Get your Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo console repaired or upgraded by the guys that make it look easy peasy!

Sony Playstation

If you're having power issues, your console won't play games, or your updates won't finish, we can help. 

Microsoft Xbox

From corrupted hard drives to the dreaded Red Ring of Death, we can help get your Xbox back up and running.

Nintendo Wii/U

Thought only Nintendo could fix their consoles? Think again! Disc drives, motion sensors, and gamepads; done!

Nintendo 3/DS

Don't buy a new DS or 3DS when you crack your screen! We can replace it for much less than a replacement.

Old school gamer?

Do you have a classic game console that you just can't bear getting rid of? Easy peasy! Just give us a call or come by the shop and one of our skilled technicians will do our best to diagnose the problem and give you a quick, accurate quote.