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Computer Setup

Fast, friendly service in Tucson, Arizona that is accurate and affordable. Get your laptop or desktop set up by the guys that make it look easy peasy!


Whether you need a PC built from the ground up or just need to make that jump to Windows 10, we have prices you'll love.


We'll assist you in setting up your brand new PC, including adjusting performance and update settings and installing up to three applications. 
$ 60tax
  • Create up to three user accounts
  • Install up to three applications
  • Adjust system settings for best performance
  • One week of over-the-phone support


We'll update your Windows operating system to one of your choosing and keep all of your files, or we can wipe the slate clean with a fresh installation!
$ 120tax
  • Upgrade or install any version of Windows
  • Keep your files or start fresh; your choice!
  • Includes free first-time setup
  • Add a hard drive upgrade and save!


We'll order, assemble, and set up a custom built PC for you. Great for gaming, business, or home use.
$ 160tax
PC Components not included in price.
  • Choose the specs or choose your budget
  • Transfer up to 8GB from your old PC
  • Includes free first-time setup
  • One year warranty on the hardware!

Need your Mac set up?

Looking to get your Apple computer set up? Easy peasy! Just give us a call and one of our skilled technicians will give you a quick, accurate quote.