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Computer Hardware
Repair and Upgrades

Fast, friendly service in Tucson, Arizona that is accurate and affordable. Get your laptop or desktop repaired or upgraded by the guys that make it look easy peasy!

Power Supply

When your PC or laptop won't start, the first place you look is the power supply and battery. Whether it needs replaced or repaired, we'll find the lowest price for your PC.

Hard Drive

Whether you're running out of space or your hard drive fails entirely, we can find you a great price. Ask us about our data transfer and data recovery options, too!


When your PC seems to stutter or run slowly, it's not always viruses. You may need a RAM upgrade to help your computer process data. Ask us if an upgrade is right for you!

LCD Screen

Don't buy a new laptop when you crack your screen! Whether it's cracked, warped, or bleeding colors, we can replace it for much less than a replacement PC.

Track Pads and Keyboards

Track Pads and keyboards are the most used part of a PC. From individual keys to entire units, we can find you a low-cost replacement. 

WiFi, Bluetooth, and More!

If you're having connectivity issues, your PC won't read discs, or one of your many USB ports stopped working, we can help!

Not sure what's wrong?

Need some help figuring out exactly what's wrong with your PC? Easy peasy! Just give us a call or come by the shop and one of our skilled technicians will do our best to diagnose the problem and give you a quick, accurate quote.